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Welcome to 

Krav Maga Haim Zut

Why  Krav Maga Haim Zut ?

The Krav Maga Haim Zut federation was established after the first association split up. Following this event, many senior students approached GM Haim Zut and asked : “What does life hold for us now”?

So GM Haim Zut and his seniors students decided to establish the Federation.

GM Haim Zut view was first of all to build a person be a good citizen, and only then a good fighter, he should know when he may use necessary force and when not. GM Haim Zut educated to values ​​of respect between people and to volunteer in the community and  love of the country. Many of our students volunteer for combat units in the IDF and take part in training in Krav Maga in the army and security forces.



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