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Krav Maga Haim Zut

The Krav Maga Association Haim Zut was established after the first association split up. Following this event, many senior students approached me and asked me: “What does life hold for us now”?

So we decided to establish the Federation – it’s like a whirlpool in the sea – once you’re in, it’s hard to leave. Even then we had many students in many branches scattered throughout the country.

My world view is first of all to build a person be a good citizen, and only then a good fighter, he should know when he may use a contact sport and when not. I advocate education values ​​of respect between people and the volunteer community and educators in our love of the country – many volunteer for combat units in the IDF and take part in training in Krav Maga in the army and security forces training around the world.

Recent years have seen increased violence in the streets, so the need for learning self-defense becomes more important. Some say – “It does not happen” – it only takes one attack to your person in the street and then you immediately understand how important it is to know to protect yourself. If you fail in competitive or military training, you can practice, improve and repair. For us a completely different story – there is no second chance – if you miss in the street you’re in trouble!

Since the establishment of Krav Maga Haim Zut has not given in to the commercial world of Krav Maga and self defence, even if it comes at the expense of the amount of students we teach. We do not sacrifice our organization’s integrity and in no way reduce efficiency, professionalism and combat efficiency. Our contact regime is now much more aggressive than it used to – and is now considered an aggressive and effective system worldwide. Krav Maga is a very effective military doctrine, on one condition – you do it correctly and teach it as a doctrine of self-defense, not giving up on principles in pursuit of the amount of students, money and fame.

In many places we see instructors who claim to be my students, I must emphasize – the students belonging to the Krav Maga Haim Zut are only those trainees who train under the guidelines in the association’s official site.

We do not operate a franchise system.

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