• Metz Seminar 2015

    Hosted by Krav Maga Haim Zut’s France Cheif Instractor Serge Cohen, a weekend seminar was held in Metz, France.

    Attended by students from all over Europe, among them Krav Maga Haim Zut’s Instructors Tamir Hargittai (UK) and Filip Lustik (Croatia), the martial arts hall in Metz was ready to wellcome Master Meni Mehabad – 6th Dan, for an exciting and promising weekend seminar.


    Congradulations – New Orange Belts:

    Cedric Perdrieau, Cyril Bello, David Hourt, Dimitri Marras, Eric Hetz, Franck Segard, Jean-Phillipe Lumia, Julien Plezer, Melanie Schivert, Sarah Heddane and Stephane Hacquard.


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