• London Seminar 2015

    A one day seminar with Master Meni Mehabad – 6th Dan, and Dagan Beit-Halachmi – 1st Dan, was held in Hendon Secondary school – Golders Rise, Hendon, London.

    Hosted by Krav Maga Haim Zut UK’s Cheif Instructor Joel Bennett, the event took off at the 8th of October Thursday’s eve. The occupied rawing hall caught the attention of passing by crowd which face’s could be seen over the door step every couple of minutes.

    Within the following two days a few of the Krav Maga Haim Zut’s UK students were privileged to be tested by Master Meni Mehabad for their rank exams.


    Congradulations – Jody Myers and Paul Crowther (Brown Belts), Jade Okuyiga, Daniel Robins and Richard Forman (Blue Belts), Dominika Haberova and Avi Goldstein (Orange Belts).





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