• “Imi 100” Event at Atlit



    At the year of 2010 the Krav Maga Haim Zut association has set a worldwide event in honor of the Imi Lichtenfeld‘s (the Krav Maga Founder) 100th anniversary. As a symbolic act there has been no better place to have this event but the very “Illegal Immigration Detention Camp in Atlit”, which lies next to the Israeli Mediterranean shore nearby Haifa.

    The event was attended by martial artists from all over the country of Israel and around the globe. From junior to the most senior grades, a wide range of ages of practitioners have issued the open field of the “Illegal Immigration Detention Camp” Ceremony Ramp, leaving hardly any green piece of grass unoccupied, led along the busy training mats.

    As the long line of highly ranked senior martial artists has taken its place, the event was finally ready to begin by the speeches and blessings of Grand Master Haim Zut and CEO Meni Mehabad.

    After a few roundly sessions of demonstrating, practicing, and an hourly tour through the Camp’s Berks Museum, following the journey of Imi Lichtenfeld and other illegal immigrants to the Holy Land through water under British mandate, accompanied by the Israeli’s flags carriers, the trainees were addressed to the mini amphitheater alongside the newly renovated ship for the concealing ceremony which was sealed by the singing of the Israeli anthem – “Hatikva”.







    100 Years of Imi Lichtenfeld

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